Dream Between the Lines

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Influence, Impact, and Shine

Dream Between the Lines is a grassroots organization, activated in response to America’s Literacy crisis and the need to strengthen child and caregiver connection, particularly among families living in temporary housing.  With increasing exposure to culturally relevant texts, we specifically aim to spread influence, inspiration and impact through the nurturing interaction of children reading with their caregiver.

Early literacy research states that low-income neighborhoods’ ratio of books to children is one book for every 300 children.  Whereas, middle and upper-income neighborhoods reflect a ratio of 13 books per child.  Through strategic outreach programs including book drives and read alongs, DBtL will increase access, cultivate positive literacy habits alongside a love for reading among children and youth living in temporary housing.  Leveraging caregivers as conduits for change, DBtL will empower families to own their narratives as caregivers make healthy connections using texts through which children see themselves, gain exposure to diverse culture, begin to develop and experience the spark, that compels them to dream between the lines.

History denotes that when Frederick Douglas’ master, Hugh Auld, discovered that he was exposed to books, he strongly disapproved.  Furthermore, stating that if a slave learned to read, he would become dissatisfied with his condition and desire freedom.  DBtL believes that literacy is social justice advocacy.  Join us in spreading:

The Influence:  Healthy literacy habits and increased exposure to diverse and culturally relevant texts

The Inspiration: Deeply rooted desire for freedom; sparking the dream

The Impact: Caregiver & child connections through literacy that leads to the moment that children realize that their dreams can change their circumstance and the world at large